Our Approach

The right stories and content drive traffic, generate leads and even boost sales. Telling stories and creating content in the ways people want to hear, read, or see them is a unique skill that sometimes can’t be handled through traditional PR. That’s why we use former journalists from top tier news outlets to be your brand journalist. We know how to recognize news hooks, ask the right questions and then tell - and sell - stories that are often buried in plain sight in your organization.

Our Story

We started as a virtual agency back in 2000, before most people used the word widely. The idea has always been the same though; utilize the best content creators, writers, storyellers and graphic designers only when you need them, and then don't  pay for them when you don't need them. We offer the same width and breadth of services and experience as larger PR agencies without the overhead - and the high fees.

David Gee Hi-Res Headshot

David Gee

Founder & Chief Storyteller

Our Principal

David Gee has lived all over the country and traveled all over the world. He was a network and local TV news anchor and entertainment reporter, interviewed nearly every star in Hollywood, as well as did live shots from the red carpet of the Academy Awards multiple times. He was the motorsports PR pro for Terry Bradshaw's NASCAR team, as well as an award-winning business magazine editor, media trainer, professional speaker, corporate PR director, communications consultant and PR agency account manager. Some of the brands he  has worked with include: GE, Nissan, Pfizer, Symantec, Audi, Mitsubishi, McDonalds, Rolex, Post, Nestlé, General Foods, and Valic.

Next Steps...

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